Weekend Vibes

So remember that snow I was hoping for? Yep! We got it! It wasn’t very much, but it was enough to for us to cancel school for two blessed days… It was great. I literally lounged around in my pajamas, complete with messy hair and did nothing but edit my photos from my very first photo session.

Speaking of my first photo session, it went great! I was able to combine large group portraits, family portraits, couples shots, action shots, children’s and baby portraits into one session! It was a great opportunity for me to practice with various types of portraits. I definitely need to work on my large group family photos. Small family photos were easy, but the placement that comes with a larger group was difficult. BUT with experience comes improvement so I’ll take my time next go around. I felt rushed, and I didn’t want to seem too uneducated (hahaha), so I just went for it. My individual family shots and kids shots were excellent though! My next photo session is an engagement session next weekend! I am in the process of researching various poses so I’ll be ready!

My kiddos at school were nutso today. I can’t say that I blame them too much because we haven’t really had a routine since before Christmas break, but man I can’t wait to get back in the swing of things. Especially since we will be having our formal evaluations in about a month. If all else fails, I can always resort to the one tactic that has never let me down – bribery. Yep, kids will do about damn near anything if you promise them cupcakes, capri suns, and extra recess!

Well, I’m off to get my beauty sleep so I can deal with tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great Friday! 🙂

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