Thursday Favorite Things!

My Thursday Favorite Things!

For my Thursday Favorite Things (graciously hosted by Katherine’s Corner) I have chosen to talk about a most favorite hobby of mine. I absolutely LOVE to Belly Dance! Everything from the music, the choreography, the costumes, the performing… I could go on and on! I started Belly Dancing 9 months ago with Ameelah’s Belly Dance Studio when I decided I desperately needed a hobby – My home, work, and social life (or lack thereof) was totally stressing me out. Having just had a baby, and practically becoming a shut-in, my self-confidence had taken a pretty big hit as well. I’ve taken dance as a child and in high-school/college – ballet, jazz, and lyrical – but nothing satisfied my desire for the unique, creative, and versatile styling that Belly Dance offers! Not to mention, it is a great workout! The teachers are wonderful and extremely talented, and it has given me a goal to work towards – also something that I have desperately needed. And so it came to be that there has been no greater outlet for me than Belly Dancing – It is the best thing that I have ever done for myself, and I encourage ALL women to become actively involved in a hobby, be it sewing, cooking, dancing, making bows, karate, pottery, cycling… just anything! I am living proof that just because you’ve had a child or simply because you’ve become an adult, you can still have fun! Don’t ever lose yourself in the monotony of every day life!

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