This Week (So Far) in Pictures

I love spending time with this big boy! I love LOVE my sweet baby girl, but sometimes I miss hanging out with him – just me and him! Although I know in time Sienna won’t need as much attention, and then he will have me back. Having Sienna was a huge change for this boy who had us alone for 6 whole years! He is such a great big brother to his baby sister. He loves making her laugh and spoils her as much as we do!

I love watching this little princess sleep! Those little lips just kill me!

I love finding random Gunner selfies on my phone. They crack me up!

I can’t get over how handsome my sweet boy is! He is growing up so fast it’s unbelievable! He has gotten several visits from the tooth fairy so far. We have reason to believe he is pulling out some of his already wiggly teeth so he can make a quick buck.

I had to post this just because it’s hysterical. I love Snapchat!

I tried hard to post the most adorable video of Gunner and Sienna play fighting, but no dice, it said the file was too large. Boo.

I hope everyone else has had a fantastic week! I am off to sleep so I am good and rested for our school’s school-wide Polar Express party! Pictures to come soon!


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