The Terrible Ones!

I’ve always heard other parents mention the “Terrible 2’s” stage that their toddlers have gone through, but they somehow failed to mention the “Terrible 1’s.” Gunner has been having temper tantrum after temper tantrum, and he seems to have this mental checklist of things he shouldn’t do and does them. Right. After. The. Other.

First he runs to the curtains in the living room and pulls on them (once it actually resulted in the curtains coming down), then he will grab Eric’s computer headset and beat it on the floor, then he crawls into the kitchen and dumps out all the dog food and water, then he grabs Kleenex from the tissue box, scatters them about, and then finally tries to pull down all the decorative items on every table in the house. Repeat this over and over again, and we have a typical day in the Jordan house. He has also been pickier about his food, he only wants yogurt, bread, milk, and green beans, and he will flat out refuse his sippy cups – He throws them at me! Not to mention the constant crying and clinginess! I am really hoping this is just a phase because I may end up needing to be committed to an insane asylum! Not really, but it is pretty stressful to deal with. I’m sure the huge bump on the right side of his lower gums sure isn’t helping.

And people are seriously wondering why I don’t want anymore kids? I love my little Gunner to death, but sheesh!

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