What is this feeling of getting things accomplished? I barely know what it feels like anymore. Gunner has been asleep for 2.5 hours now, and I have done some laundry, made a menu for the next two weeks, washed all the dishes (including bottles), straightened the house, made our bed, AND managed to bathe, dress up, and do my hair! Like I said, very strange. Hopefully he will be more smiley when he wakes up. When he woke up around 9am, he was a little more difficult to put down for his next nap. Once he has been up for over 2 hours, he starts getting rather fussy.

I’m so ready for Eric to get home. While I am glad he is working hard to support us, things get rather lonely at times since the only one I talk to is Gunner, who of course, can’t talk back yet. I’m waiting for one of his days off so I can go ask around town to plead with some boutique owners about putting lead boxes so I can get some new clients. My business cards will be in (relatively) soon too! Woo-hoo!

Well, I guess I will go ahead and take advantage of the time Gunner is sleeping and sweep/mop the floor. FUN. Loads and loads of fun.

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