Self Care

So after what seems like FOREVER, I finally got my hair done – colored, fixed, the whole nine yards. Going made me realize how good it is to pamper yourself every now and then. I feel like I literally just rolled out of bed to go to work this week. Admittedly it has been a super stressful week dealing with 23 kindergarteners alone, and on top of it having to work late on Friday for the Polar Express party (which makes me feel like I had NO weekend at all since I work Sundays at a local church nursery). Who feels like pampering yourself when you are exhausted and stressed out?

I’ll admit, I woke up feeling tired because Sienna didn’t sleep well, but I went to my hair appointment, and I’m so glad I did! I feel like a whole new person! I am not a “selfie” taker, but I haven’t stopped taking selfies since I got home!

These glorious products are the tricks of my trade. The Marula Oil system by Paul Mitchell does a great job of taming my dry, frizzy hair! I have naturally curly hair, and after showering, blow drying until only slightly damp, and scrunching my hair with three drops of Marula oil, I have beautiful, frizz-free, naturally defined curls – no extra product needed! And I don’t get that yucky, crunchy product feeling in my hair! Yay!

So tell me… What are your favorite hair products? What do you do to pamper yourself? 

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