On the Menu! 01/21 to 01/27

Hi everyone!

So it’s that time again… The weekend is coming to an end, and the work week is about to start back in full swing. If you are a busy mom and wife like I am, that means that you are probably trying to figure out where you are going to squeeze in the time to cook! Here is what is on my menu this week. Hopefully it will help you in your planning progress! I generally plan my menus by the week and cook enough to last about two days so I can cut down on the time I spend in the kitchen. The link to each recipe is included in case you want to try them out.

As you can see, I utilize my crock pot during the week. It is a lifesaver – set it and forget it! And you can get tasty, healthy meals made while at work!

What are some of your favorite, go-to weeknight meals?



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