New Years Resolutions

I’ve had such a wonderful break. I’ve been able to spend time with my son and husband. Not stressed to the max. Not overwhelmed. Not brushing them off because I have to grade papers or complete “Professional Development” for work. In exactly 4 days, I return to work. Back to the constant stress. Back to bringing my work home because there is just so damn much of it that I can’t complete it in a day. I often regret going back to school to get certified to teach because I’m no better off than I was working in preschool and getting to spend the majority of my time with my son. I’ll be honest, the only thing that keeps me going is my son and those 19 kids who need me. But sometimes I just wonder… Is being this stressed out all the time worth it? Is having multiple nervous breakdowns per month on a worth it? I just don’t know anymore. I feel like I don’t know what I want anymore. This is why I am thankful for the fresh start of a new year. It is giving me the opportunity to focus on what I want out of this life. Stress is certainly not it. So my NY Resolutions are as follows:

– Save more $$$
– Purchase another home & Sell ours
– Get my workout routine established again
– Drink less (Waayy less… *Sigh*)
– End my career as a teacher and focus on the growth and launch of our (My mom and I’s) business.

(*Edit – I forgot to add BLOG MORE to my list of resolutions!)

I’ve got to make this happen or else I’m going to continue to be miserable. Here’s to brand new beginnings and the start of a fabulous new year!

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