This weekend has been fantastic. I was able to clean my house (aside from the occasional kid mess here and there), wash and fold laundry, cook, wash our sheets, edit photos… we even managed to go to a birthday party this weekend. Speaking of birthdays Gunner’s AND Sienna’s birthdays are coming up soon. Yep… right after Christmas. And, per Gunner style, he wants to go all out and invite his class of 17 friends to the local skating rink. Sienna’s one-year-old party will be a breeze – food, cupcakes, and family is all that we need!

Tomorrow I have my first official photoshoot, and I’m both terrified and excited at the same time! One of my new year’s resolutions included taking risks and putting myself out there – I decided to create a business Facebook page for my newest venture in photography knowing that while my camera cost several hundred dollars, it certainly isn’t the fanciest, and knowing that I am still learning as I go. But hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained! I knew if I put myself out there that I would do what I could to ensure I put out good, quality work! I won’t learn the ropes of the business if I don’t put myself out there. Not to mention the fact this will help me be able to afford the equipment on my wish-list!

Before I sign off for the day, I’m going to need everyone to send snow juju vibes to the south STAT! We rarely get snow or ice, but Tuesday we may have up to two inches of snow accumulation which means they will close our areas schools! I would love to have an additional day off with my kiddos and time to edit my photos from the photo shoot I will be having tomorrow!

I hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend!


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