Kidgets Brand Diapers = AWESOME!

Eric and I received a variety of diapers during our baby shower – Huggies, Pampers, Parent’s Choice, Luvs, Fisher Price, Target’s Up & Up, and Kidgets. It has really given us the opportunity to try out and see which ones we (as well as Gunner) like best. Among our favorites include the generic Parent’s Choice and Up & Up brand because they don’t turn into a gelly mush and leak, but our most favorite brand that we have tried is the Kidgets brand from Family Dollar! No Joke! Gunner tends to wet his diaper frequently, so it was nice not having to change his clothes for the umpteenth time because his diaper leaked. After trying them out, I read some reviews on them to see if others have had the same positive experience with them because I couldn’t believe they were dollar store diapers, and I read a ton of great reviews! A lot of them compared the actual diaper to Pampers diapers with the elastic waste of Huggies which is a great combination! AND they are super cute! The diapers are even cuter at $6.50 for a jumbo box of 50 🙂 … When I run out of the gift diapers, I will definitely be supplementing my cloth diapering and traveling with Kidgets!

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