Y’all… Words cannot describe how happy I am to be in the middle of my Christmas break! I love my students, but it is so nice to get away and not have to worry about lesson plans, my next lessons, etc. Being a teacher can be so stressful at times, so I am grateful to have this time to play catch up on things I have wanted to do but haven’t had the time to do and spend time with my family lounging around the house. Admittedly, I have been living in my pajamas for the past week.

I’ve finally had the time to read the book I’ve had for about three years now… Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson that can be found on Amazon. (Affiliate link below – Please see disclosure!)

Apparently it took me so long to read that they have since come out with a 4th Edition (I read the 3rd)… Whether you read the 3rd or 4th Edition, let me tell you that this is the book to read if you are trying to venture out into photography. I learned so much that I can’t wait to try out! I’ve already had some practice with my sister and nephew, and I think the pictures turned out great!

After reading the book and playing around with my camera, I have decided to save up for some lenses to take my photos to the next level. When the new years begins, I also want to advertise portrait mini-sessions on the cheap so I can save up for better gear and work my way to doing a few events with my husband. I am super pumped up about this new venture!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!


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