Help! I’m Running Out Of Stuff To Clean!

The past few days have been a blur of monotony. I wake up at 7AM, feed Gunner, make breakfast, take a nap with Gunner, feed Gunner, go for a walk, go for a drive, come home, Gunner takes a nap, clean the house while Gunner sleeps, feed Gunner, eat lunch, play with Gunner, start supper, wait for Eric to get home, feed Gunner, eat supper, give Gunner a bath, clean up the kitchen, feed Gunner one more time, put Gunner to bed, and play around on the computer or watch movies. I really need something new to jazz up our routine needless to say. I enjoy spending time with my little fellow, but I get so bored once he falls asleep. I stay relatively busy, but I’m becoming even more compulsive about cleaning than I was before.

I’m trying to think of things to do while not spending tons of money. I’m considering getting my head start on Christmas this year by getting all the materials to make the gifts. EVERYONE is getting handmade items this year. GOOD handmade items of course. The years before Gunner, we blew anything and everything on Christmas gifts. Unfortunately, this year will be a little different. On the other hand, I love to create things and would love to find my inner creative goddess once again. I feel like I lost it once real life happened. Nothing like having a baby to help find it again!

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