BOOK RECOMMENDATION – Tilly Bagshawe’s Adored

Today I want to share one of my most favorite books with you. If you enjoy harlequin novels, you will love the “New York Times” Bestseller Adored written by author Tilly Bagshawe.

Synopsis“To the outside world, Siena McMahon has a fairytale life. Born into a great Hollywood dynasty –granddaughter of forties movie legend Duke McMahon, daughter of billionaire producer Pete McMahon – she is blessed with beauty, brains and wealth: a proverbial princess.

But behind the wrought iron gates of the McMahon’s sprawling Hollywood mansion, life is far from happy. The McMahons are bound together not by love, but by ambition, greed and intrigue. When a gold-digging English aristocrat worms her way into their lives and their home, the fault lines in the feuding family are blown right open.

In an effort to protect Siena from the fall-out, her parents pack her off to an English boarding school. But Siena has a burning ambition – she is determined to become a Hollywood star, just as her grandfather said she would be. One way or another, Siena McMahon is going to return to LA and take the City of Dreams by storm. And woe betide anyone who gets in her way…” (Tilly Bagshawe)

Review – Riveting and hard to put down! It is so easy to fall in love with Siena and her firecracker personality. You can see the evolution of her character throughout the tragedies that occur during her years as a child and as an actress and how it changes her as a person. The author expertly develops the characters so you grow to either love them or hate them as the story progresses. The plot moves quickly… quickly enough to keep you enthralled but not so much that the story feels rushed. This book is definitely for adults only as there is some graphic, sexual content in the story, but it isn’t cheesy like the contents of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. It is written in a sophisticated manner that only the British could execute. This book will have you rooting for Siena by the end! As a matter of fact, I loved the character’s personality and name so much that I named my daughter Sienna after this book.

I highly recommend reading this book! If you are into romance and contemporary novels, once you start reading it, you won’t be able to stop!

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