7 Tips to Survive Black Friday Shopping

It is officially that time of year again! Black Friday is my favorite shopping day of the holiday season. The sights, the sounds, the DEALS… need I go on? Here are a few tips to help you survive Black Friday 2017 without breaking the bank! I do this every year, and it works out great for me.

  1. Ask friends and family what they want for Christmas before you go shopping. This one seems so painfully obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people don’t ask friends and family what they want before they go shopping. A lot of people just count on going out and happening upon that perfect gift. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Not to mention you end up spending way more than you originally wanted because you don’t have a plan. It’s kind of like going grocery shopping while you are hungry. You just start throwing things into the cart because, “I just need to hurry and find a gift. Any gift will do… and… Hey! Aunt Rose might like this! It’s on sale too!”
  2. Make a List. This tip goes hand in hand with tip number one. You must have a plan! After you’ve asked your friends and family what they would like for Christmas, write it down! I go Black Friday shopping every year with a list in my hand. After you have written out what you will be getting everyone, stick to those items! This will prevent you from going over budget!
  3. Create a budget. Next, figure out how much you are willing to spend on gifts this year. You may want to set an overall goal (I will only spend $500 this Christmas) or individual goals (I will only spend $200 on each child this year). It is completely up to you! Whatever you decide though, stick with it!
  4. Do your research. Now this is the fun part. When the newspaper containing all of those Black Friday ads comes out, it’s time to research. Look at your list and see what items you will be searching for. See which store will give you the best deal! It is important to check multiple sources because something on sale might at Target might be cheaper at Walmart! Blackfriday.com is a great resource for those who do not get newspapers, can’t find a newspaper, or don’t have the paper ad for the store you want. Write these all down on your list so you know where you want to look! Don’t forget to check Amazon! They will often have random deals on hot items!
  5. Plan your stops. When you’ve found the best deals, it is time to plan your stops. Make sure it coincides with the store’s opening time! You don’t want to be late! If Walmart begins a deal on an item at a certain time, you don’t want to somewhere else when it happens! If you have stops that are close together, save time by hitting them back to back. Although this may be completely unavoidable if the deals are happening only at certain times.
  6. Go with a friend. People can go crazy on Black Friday, so it’s best practice to always go with a friend or group! Plus it will make the shopping an even more enjoyable experience. It also helps to split up in the stores and take the “conquer and divide” approach.
  7. Be nice! Although scoring a great deal is nice, it is better to BE nice. Don’t fight over an item that is on sale, it is just not worth it. There is absolutely no reason your child has to have that Nintendo Switch.  If you can’t find what you are looking for because it sold out, or just didn’t get there in time, it will be a great lesson in patience. Showing kindness to others during a season known for giving is way more important than an item that will probably become the flavor of the week! All of life’s greatest gifts are free!


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