The Husband Quiz

I saw this floating around on social media, so I figured it would make an interesting blog post! If you would like to steal it for your blog, go ahead! This is one of those surveys where you ask your significant other a question about yourself, and they answer it to the best of their ability. Here goes nothing!

  • What is something I say a lot? -*Exasperated Sigh* … Yours isn’t even a word!
  • How tall am I? – 5’1
  • What is my favorite thing to do? –  Take a bath
  • What do I do when you are not around? – Belly dance
  • If I became famous, what would it be for? – Being a turkey
  • What makes you proud of me? – You’re a good person, and you’re very determined to get stuff done.
  • What is my favorite food? – Buffalo Sauce
  • Where is my favorite place to eat?-  Buffalo Wild Wings
  • If I could live anywhere, where would I live? – Disney World
  • What do I do to annoy you? – You won’t sit down. You always have to be doing something.
  • Who is my celebrity crush? I don’t know. Maybe Taylor Lautner?
  • You get a phone call that I am in trouble, who am I with? The idea of you getting in trouble is hilarious (yeah, I suppose I am pretty tame)

Not too bad… I honestly was expecting much worse!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far! I have almost survived my first week back to school after the Christmas holidays! Soooo looking forward to the weekend!


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